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Safe roof lights from SPS Safenet with skylight protection system net safety netting
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SPS Safenet quadtube system providing roofers and contractors protection from falls when working at height on fragile roofs and open skylights
SPS Safenet is the UK supplier of bespoke fall arrest safety nets for the protection of skylights rooflights and fragile roof surfaces.  Our products offer you the most innovative and cost effective solution to assist in compliance with the Health and Safety Executive HSE regulations relating to falls from height, and in particular, through fragile roof surfaces. 
Our products are lightweight and can be assembled and secured in minutes over almost any type of skylight.  All of our nets are made to measure, and can be manufactured to protect any shape or size of skylight. They are cost effective compared to other methods of skylight edge protection barriers or fall restraint systems, and easy to deploy on awkward access areas or small roofs where installation of fall restraint systems may be impractical.


We are working with many different clients who all have one thing in common: a desire to manage their health and safety responsibilities around working at height. From large international businesses to local councils and small businesses, we are pleased to support anyone looking to protect fragile skylights.

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With over 35 years experience in the UK construction industry, we understand first hand the safety challenges of working on site and how operatives manage on site hazards. Skylights and fragile roof surfaces are often overlooked during maintenance inspections and roof refurbishments, but falls from height through skylights results in many serious injuries and fatalities each year. 

We identified the need for a simple and cost effective solution to fragile skylight protection, and subsequently developed our skylight protection system - the Safenet. This was further developed and patented with our Safetube and Quadtube products systems under the trademark of the Saviour.

Saviour products are now a widely recognised roof safety solution and have been supplied to the NHS, Police, MoD, Local Authorities, safety conscious facilities management organisations and many contractors in their day to day roof access requirements. 

We developed a product range so simple, easy to install and cost effective, that it could not be ignored. Find out how we can help you protect your fragile roof surfaces and skylights today.



The Safenet is our standard and  most cost effective skylight protection    product. This consists of a bespoke industry standard polypropylene netting with woven bordercord and a ratchet assembly to the perimeter. It is secured below the upstand  flange of a conventional skylight.



The Safetube provides the same flexibility of the Safenet but incorporates a galvanised tubular frame. These are simply placed over the fragile roof area requiring no fixings into the roof structure. The Safetube is designed for use where no secure method of fixing is evident to the roof kerb of the skylight or where there is any doubt about the integrity of its construction


The Quadtube is equivalent in design performance to the Safetube but has the benefit of being supported on legs above a skylight aperture. This product is ideally suited to offer 100% protection when removing or replacing a skylight or air conditioning unit when a roof opening would normally be exposed and 'at risk' 


If you have a question about our products and services or would like a quote for your skylight protection, please get in touch with us via the details below. 

We are based in South Yorkshire, England, and operate nation wide across the UK.

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