Each of our patented skylight net protection systems are manufactured to the requirements BS/EN1263-1 to almost any size, using 6mm polypropylene netting on a 100mm mesh. The perimeter border cord is then replaced using either a 1.5 ton ratchet system for the Safenet system or a galvanised steel tubular frame for the Safetube and Quadtube Systems. 

Skylight Protection Systems  can form an integral part of Health and Safety compliance for contractors, clients, principal designers and anyone who may require to work on, or access to, flat roofs where fragile skylights may exist. Compliance with the HSE Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) is an essential part of roofwork safety. 


All have the benefit of a simple and straightforward installation process, and  have subsequently been through a rigourous test procedure developed initially with the HSE for the testing of fragility of roofing assemblies, ACRM(001) 2011


The Safetube and Quadtube systems  achieved class B rating and the Safenet system design retained the drop tests for the required periods, set out in the above documentation and as demonstrated in our drop test videos

Due to the unique design flexibility and fixing methods available for the Safenet, Safetube, and Quadtube systems there is to our knowledge, no other known test which can in our opinion better demonstrate the strength of our products.

  • Safety Nets manufactured equivalent to BS/EN1263/1.

  • Ratchet strap webbing manufactured to EN12195-2.

  • Saviour Safetube and Quadtube   are tested and certified to class 'B' which satisfies the requirements  of ACR (M)001.2011. Test for fragility of roof assemblies.

  • Safetube Components are manufactured to BS/EN10255:2004, ISO 1469:2009


The construction industry standard for testing of safety nets can also be adopted by the principal designer under the CDM regulations and enables independent testing to be undertaken at pre determined intervals