Skylights, roof lights and fragile roof surfaces come in all shapes and sizes, the most common being dome, pyramid or flat roof skylights. We cater for all of your health & safety protection needs creating a bespoke solution safety net for any size or shape of skylight.  

When measuring for safety nets always carry out a risk assessment prior to accessing any roof and ensure appropriate methods of fall protection are in place. An oversized Safetube frame can be used over a skylight whilst it is being safely measured and for subsequent installation of a standard Safenet.


The Safenet will require a measurement over the curve or highest point of the skylight for overall width and length required whilst allowing for the perimeter of the net to fit under the flange of the skylight kerb.


The size (or perimeter) of the roof kerb is also required to determine the length of ratchet strap required around each finished net.


measuring skylight safely for protection SPS


measuring skylight safely for protection

The Safetube system is measured in a similar manner with the same overall width and length being required over the curve or highest point of the skylight.


In addition the width and length of the outer edges of the skylight are also required to determine the size of the tubular frame and to ensure it fits over, and slightly down the side of the kerb.

All net sizes should be stated in 100mm increments for manufacture. If in doubt about overall sizes always round up to the next 100mm size as a little slack is no detriment to the effectiveness of the installed nets. Once you have measured your safety net requirements, get in touch.


measuring SPS safenet skylight safely for protection

A safe access method should always be determined to enable measurements to be taken for the most suitable system. Identify the skylights to be protected either viewing internally where it may be possible to take dimensions, or if externally, together with one or more  of the following fall protection methods:

  • Use of suitable edge protection barriers.

  • A Temporary crash deck/scaffold  installed below the skylight area.

  • Fall restraint harness, lanyard and temporary anchor.

  • Use of a SPS Safetube or Quadtube frame.