We offer three different safety net products, enabling us to provide you with the safest and most suitable solution to manage your health and safety responsibilities.

Our products are lightweight and can be assembled and secured in minutes over almost any type of skylight, ideal for use on all flat felt roof and single ply roofing systems.  The simple design also minimises the risk of potential damage to bitumen roof coverings which may have asbestos content, as no fixings are required into the roof membranes with any of our products. All products are available in any size required. 




The Safetube system is our mid range product consisting of the same flexibility of the netting but incorporating a galvanised tubular frame, being easily assembled on site. These are simply placed over the fragile roof area often requiring no fixings into the roof structure.


The independent ACRM drop tests demonstrate the units strength when simply placed over a domed skylight. These can also be used by operatives when carrying out site surveys in addition to longer term protection.

skylight protection system safetube safety net SPS roof fall protection
skylight roof protection system safetube safety net SPS
skylight protection system skylights roof safetube safety net SPS
skylight protection system safetube safety net SPS


The Safenet is our standard and  most cost effective product upon which our patents were initially developed. This consists of a bespoke industry standard polypropylene netting with woven bordercord and a ratchet assembly to the perimeter. It is secured below the upstand  flange of a conventional skylight.


Optional asset test tags and sacrificial cords can also be provided should a client require testing of the product or simply for site location and records. Some organisations use a Safenet as part of their  operatives PPE kit, stored in vehicles to deploy whenever operatives access a roof for the first time, either to carry out repairs or provide a safe access route across a roof.

SPS safenet skylight protection with rachet on pyramid skylight
SPS safenet skylight protection pyramids roof


The Quadtube system is equivalent in design performance to the Safetube but has the benefit of being supported on legs above a skylight aperture. This product is ideally suited to offer 100% protection when removing or replacing a skylight or air con units when a roof opening would normally be exposed and where other means of fall arrest are not present. Operatives can work above and through the net to access fixings and slide out or replace a unit with the net still in situ throughout the process.


All are manufactured equivalent to BS/EN1263/1,EN12195-2, and BS/EN1461/1999. The independent drop testing to the HSE /ACRM/001 test for fragility of roof assemblies clearly demonstrates the integrity of our products

Man working on fragile roof surface with safety protection roof net
Man woring on open roof skylight with safety net quadtube fall protection SPS Safenet
Man working on fragile roof surface with safety protection roof net frame SPS Safenet
SPS Safenet Quadtube protecting operative from open skylight fragile open roof surface


Optional safety net test tags can be attached to a net, giving each its own unique identification number. Test tags are for recording information in the building manual as a requirement of the CDM regulations and to provide relevant information  such as installation date, location and type, of use to clients for future maintenance.
sps safenet test tags CDM regulations for skylight roof protection