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Skylight Safety Nets Reduce the Risk on Flat Roofs

Skylight Safety Nets from SPS Safenet are a simple and cost effective solution to protect operatives when working at height on flat roofs around fragile skylights.

This is an area often overlooked when carrying out roof maintenance and an area where the more serious and often fatal falls occur.

Developed in the UK with a simple range of 3 products, the Safenet, Safetube and Quadtube Skylight Safety Nets are manufactured to BS/EN1263/1available in almost any size required and can be installed in minutes.Each product can be re used on other high risk areas as the works progress or left in situ long term for any future roof access that may be required offering peace of mind for the building owners.

The Safenet ™ can be installed over any shape of skylight and secured under the kerb with the ratchet strap. If any doubt exists about the integrity of the skylight, the Safetube system can be simply placed over the fragile roof skylight without restricting access to the work area at any point.

Where 'in plane' skylights exist typically on industrial unit roofs, these can also be protected with Safetube Frames avoiding the need for crash decks or rigging of other safety nets which can often be costly or impractical to install in existing environments.

The Quadtutbe is ideal for installing in many applications offering complete protection whilst carrying out localised repairs or during replacement of skylights.

Operatives are able to work safely around and over the net to access fixings for replacement or repair without the risk of falling onto a fragile roof surface or through the roof aperture.

Safety Nets are the HSE's preferred method of fall arrest, reducing the need for a secondary method of rescue in the event of a fall, whilst also increasing the operatives chance of survival in the result of a fall.

No mechanical fixings are required into the roof structure and the HSE's Advisory Committee for Roofwork Safety drop test carried out on skylight safety nets demonstrates the integrity of the framed units under demanding conditions. No bulky handrail guards or temporary scaffolds are required making them particularly useful on roofs where no existing or suitable fall arrest anchor system is installed.

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