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Skylight Fall Protection

SPS Safenet skylight fall protection nets or more commonly known as the skylight safety net can be manufactured in any size required to provide skylight covers for lantern lights, rooflights northern lights, pyramid and dome skylights. Each Safety net fits snugly over the profile of the skylight offering fall protection and compliance with the HSE Work At Height Regulations. Lightweight and easy to install with no disruption to the building users.

No bulky corner bases or supports required that would hinder any roof repairs and they can be easily adjusted to suit particular repairs on flat roofing.

Far more cost effective than other products which are available and tested to the HSE's ACRM test for fragility of roof assemblies.

View the SPS DROP TEST on You Tube only two minutes to change your opinion on why we are the leading roof skylight safety providers. SPS Safenet, The 'Saviours'

in roofing.

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