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The Original Skylight Safety Nets System

SPSSafenet skylight protection system is a collective freestanding safety net for use around skylights , rooflights, roof domes and lantern lights. The systems were originally designed to allow safe access for roof maintenance and since their development in 2006 many other companies have followed in their footsteps. Often copied never beaten, ( due to our patented design ) we provide the only system tested to the HSE's requirements for testing of fragility of roof assemblies. We don't just work on maximum safe loads we use high level impact testing developed by A Maitra formerly of the HSE.

Our products can be relocated and re used on various sites or left in situ longer term. Can be re assembled in minutes and if using our standard safenets these are lightweight and can easily fit in a small carrier bag for storage. Being flexible and available in almost any size, they follow the contours of pyramid, dome, barrel vault or angular skylight profiles with ease.

And most importantly they are quick to install and competitive compared

to other expensive imitations.

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