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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our products with you which we offer as a supply only unit for use by all contractors sub contractors employed on general maintenance operations.

We also supply our product directly to Schools, Hospitals and Local Authorities for use by their contractors and it was originally designed to satisfy Improvement notices served by the HSE where organisations were non compliant with Work at Height legislation.

As far as we are aware, It is the only product of its type to be tested to the HSE's ACRm Test for Fragility of Roof Assemblies and is very cost effective. To give an example, a large supermarket chain were prosecuted recently and fined in excess of £500,000.00 following a fall through a fragile skylight. Had our product been used in this situation the cost would have been £39.00. As they say every little helps.

We consider our product both unique in design and application and trust will be of interest to your Safety Officers or Facilities Management Teams.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions relating to the above or view our 2 minute drop test which summarises our product.

Kind Regards,

Paul Whelan


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