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Skylight Protection often ignored

Its a fact that many large organisations ignore protection of fragile skylights until its too late. Our innovative simple and cost effective solutions provides with an alternative to the roof edge protection systems and to an area which is higher risk than the roof edge itself..

Most people would not walk near the edge of a roof but readily walk by, and sometimes step back or sit on fragile plastic skylights with the assumption they are safe when often they are no longer compliant with fragile roof assembly test methods.

As a company we have contacted every Local Authority in the UK but regrettably many choose to ignore the issue until its too late.

A large supermarket brand whom we had contacted less than a year previously, were recently fined over £500,000.00 for an incident involving a fall through a skylight.

For a product starting at just £39.00 the incident could have been avoided entirely.


t be the next fall guy..

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