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No need for Bulky Barriers around Skylights

Handrail guard systems with bulky weighted feet around a skylight are a roofers worst nightmare when re roofing a flat roof. School roofs particularly of CLASP design can have many fragile skylights and the most cost effective way to control the hazard and reduce the risk when working on fragile skylights is the use of skylight safety nets which can be easily installed in minutes, and most importantly for the roofers there are no contact points with the roof finish so if stripping or laying a felt membrane or liquid applied roofing system, work can be done safely and efficiently without having to move edge protection barriers systems putting operatives at risk of falls through fragile skylights. The ACRM Test for fragility of roof surfaces is a comprehensive document prepared by the HSE to ensure fragile surfaces are correctly identified and if required protected. Skylights safety nets on the Safetube systems meet and even exceed these requirements. For more details 01709 541177 / 07842 430769

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